Completed Projects

Projects We Have Done

Over the last 12+ years, The Signature Design Studio has had the opportunity to work in a wide range of work environments and take on numerous interior design projects that have been challenging yet fun to work with. Ever since the start, we have become a name that clients can trust and further recommend to their friends and associates. Due to this network formed by our drive for supreme quality, The Signature Design Studio has been able to work on over a 1000 different projects, applying our unique expertise to each one and creating ideas and solutions that stick with both the customer and their building.

The projects that we have taken part in include residential interior designs, office space interior designs, commercial space design, and hospitability interior design as well. The projects have varied in their demands and requirements, with the Signature team trying their best to find projects that test their skill. The results of this strive for improvement are something that our numerous customers can attest to, with our interior design ideas helping them turn their space or building into something that’s even better than what they ordered.

Some of the projects that we have had the pleasure of working on are: